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So about the mad scientist...

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  • It seems like you've found my secret lab, so I suppose it's the time where i reveal myself. Who the hell am I? Lol u already know, it said on the homepage silly, it's me Cinika! But u can call me Cini.
    I'm a nordic aspiring artist. I really love the colour green, as you may have noticed :) I love expressing myself artistically through painting, drawing, writing and music. I'm a classic creative type, but I happen to have been gifted with quite the opposite aswell. I'm a sucker for science, overanalyzing and studying the world around us. It's as if God decided to create polar opposite people and put them into a single person instead, that's me!
    I made this site bc I have some friends who also have their own site and i wanted to join the fun! Besides, I really love the idea of having my own website, the whole vibe is so nostalgic for me.

    🌳 Video gaming 🌳 Art (painting, digital, traditional) 🌳 Animation 🌳 Science (especially anthropology) 🌳 Eco-friendly movements 🌳 Witchcraft 🌳 Animals and nature 🌳 Retro gaming 🌳 Voice acting 🌳 Media production 🌳 Theatersport 🌳 E-sports 🌳 Astrology 🌳 The paranormal 🌳 Musicals 🌳

    🍀 The Sims 🍀 Team Fortress 2 🍀 Sofia the First 🍀 Valorant 🍀 SSX 🍀 Sly Cooper 🍀 The Lion King 🍀 Furry fandom 🍀 X-Files 🍀 Maleficent 🍀 Gorillaz 🍀 Disney 🍀

    Yea so, I've enjoyed video games ever since i can remember. Even before I was old enough to hold a controller or mouse, I remember watching my dad gaming Battlefield. I loved watching! When I was 6 I got my very first computer, you can probably imagine what that looks like lmao, it was boxy and white, with a chunky keyboard, but I loved it endlessly! Me and my brother would also play games together on our ps1, ps2, Wii or PCs. We really enjoyed LEGO games in particular. As I got a little older (8-9 years old) I remember getting my first FPS game! Wolf Team. By any chance, you have probably not heard of this game. It was a little popular back in the day, but it was many of it's kind, but at the same time there was something different about it, it was rather ahead of it's time with the genre it was going for. It had class-based gamemodes, and if you know me, then you know im OBSESSED with class-based FPS games! This was my first intro to it. I was TERRIBLE at it, I didn't want part in such violent games! Except, I wanted to play it, bc my brother did! I looked so much up to him, ofc i wanted to do everything he did, so I played, and I played a lot. eventually that was what lead me to do E-sports later in my life, for the FPS game CS:GO.
    Sooo, I really like video games? Yea I think we figures that so far, but what does that have to do with me now? Well... Just the fact that im hella addicted to it lmao fr I can't go long without playing games

    lol it seems i cant get this to work oh well