Favorite Characters

A list for myself mainly to keep track of characters I really relate to or just really like :)
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  • Cedric, Loki Beaker, Junkrat, Chamber, Sova, Maleficent, Nervous Subject, Greylock, Junker Queen, Le Paradox, Octane, Stanford Pines, Lazlo Curious, Snape, Lucio (Arcana), Dr. Draken, 2D, William Afton / Dave Miller, Rakan (LoL), Jump to the bottom! the navigation doesnt fĂ„king work lol

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    We can do the standard text effects for the Prime Geocites Look: bold, italics, underline, colored text, etc. But default blue is ugly. This is much nicer, and you can choose your own hex color values wherever you want.

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